Has our community gone to pot? Vandals go on plant rampage in Lenzie

THUGS went on a wrecking spree, tearing up plants and shrubs just hours after they had been planted at a new development.

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Rowdy youths targeted the site at the new council flats in Oak Gardens, next to Oak Drive in Lenzie, in the early hours of the morning.

A resident, who has recently moved into a house in Oak Drive, said: “A group of youths, who had obviously been drinking, uprooted several plants and created a big mess.

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“The plants were scattered all over the place. Some were put on the roof of my son’s fiance’s car, and it was scratched.

“The shrubs were only planted on the Friday and were pulled out in the early hours of Saturday morning.”

The woman added: “I’ve just moved to Lenzie and thought it was a quiet and nice area. I think if the authorities work together the youths will soon get the message that we are not going to tolerate such destructive behaviour.

“I reported the incident to the council’s housing department and the police. I was advised that the community police would put on extra staff at the weekends to patrol the area.”

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Tenants moved into the £1.69million development of 15 flats in Oak Gardens in March.

Kenny Simpson, head of housing and community services at East Dunbartonshire Council, said: “The housing management team has been made aware of this act of vandalism and will look into the most appropriate course of action.”

Strathclyde Police were unable to provide a comment before the Herald went to press.

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