Hay fever advice is not to be sneezed at

Sound advice...from Dr George CrooksSound advice...from Dr George Crooks
Sound advice...from Dr George Crooks
ADVICE not to be sneezed at is being given to the many folk in rural Clydesdale who fall victim to hay fever and other allergies.

This is Allergy UK’s Awareness Week, running until May 4, aimed at the one in five of us sufffering from this springtime scourge.

As part of the week, Professor George Crooks, NHS 24’s Medical Director, is advising sufferers to follow a few simple tips to minimise the effects of the condition.

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He said: “Avoiding cutting grass, walking in grassy areas and camping may reduce your exposure to grass pollens. Wear wraparound sunglasses to stop pollen getting in your eyes and change your clothes and take a shower when you come back in.”

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