Health and the elderly are the top priority for Labour's Holyrood candidate

Margaret McCarthyMargaret McCarthy
Margaret McCarthy
Labour's candidate for the Strathkelvin constituency in the upcoming Scottish election has identified health as her major priority - with a particular emphasis on the elderly.

Margaret McCarthy, who grew up in Bishopbriggs and still lives in the area, has worked in health for her entire career.

She left full time education at the age of sixteen and began work as a care assistant in a nursing home, where she returend to college to gain the entrance qualifications for nursing.

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After becoming a nurse she studied Social Science and graduated with a BA (Hons), before later studying for an MSc and for a Certificate in Health Promotion.

She then started lecturing and has been an Associate Lecturer at the Open University for 16 year.

In 2003 she returned to the NHS where she worked in nurseries, primary and secondary schools across Glasgow to support the Scottish Government’s Health Promoting Schools agenda.

She now has a remit for older adults and cancer screening and is keen to bring her broad experience to Holyrood.

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She explained: “I am not a career politician. However, throughout my career the pursuit of equality and justice has been my guiding principles. I have been driven by the need to better understand inequality, in order I can contribute to the creation of a more equal society. I am fresh face but I am not exactly fresh faced!

“As the MSP for Strathkelvin and Bearsden I will embed myself in the communities I serve and make the exercise of democracy a lived experience not something we pay lip service to every five years.

“I will be accessible via surgeries, email, letters, home visits, social media and on the local streets.

“My promises the constituents of Strathkelvin and Bearsden, I will work tirelessly to ensure Vulnerable people and older adults are supported to live at home with dignity for as long as possible. As an Registered General Nurse I know you can not give quality care in a 15 minute visit.

Other pledges that Ms McCarthy is making include that:

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- Parents have access to affordable flexible childcare that meets their needs.

- There are opportunities in education and secure well paid employment

- There is affordable housing and that young people have support to save and buy their own home

- There will be no fracking in Strathkelvin and Bearsden

- Bus services are regulated in order to meet the needs of all communities not just those whom private companies deem to live near a profitable route.