Help our high street

CLARKSTON high street is in need of a boost, according to residents polled this week.

Last week, The Extra reported that Silverburn shopping centre had submitted a plan for a £20 million expansion project.

A number of responses came from Clarkston, with residents commenting on the need for town centre regeneration instead – and so this week, The Extra took to the street.

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Despite living in Clarkston, Jill McEwan treks to Shawlands for her weekly shop. She commented: “Clarkston has too many coffee shops, hairdressers and charity shops.

“It’s a shame to see so many shops shutting down and lying empty in the area – maybe a grocer’s would make me stay and shop here”.

A grocer’s topped the agenda for many residents asked, including Donald and Sandra McLeod.

Donald told The Extra: “A good wine shop would do, and a quality grocer’s – something other than the supermarket.

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“If there was one here then we would definitely go – the trouble is that there’s more closing down in Clarkston than there is opening up”.

Newlywed Shona Park added: “People will probably complain about the amount of charity shops, but I don’t think they do any harm to the area.

“But I was sorry to see our only fruit and veg shop close recently. I like supporting local shops instead of going to the supermarket, and people will always use them for day-to-day or last minute things”.

Sadie and Jim Nelson, also from Clarkston, would like to see more curiosity shops – “where people can browse”.

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The couple also believe that a big name shop might increase footfall for the area, and Sadie said: “Giffnock seems to be more vibrant than Clarkston at the moment, and it would be good to get something like Whole Foods bringing people in”.

Sadie’s interest in card and jewellery shops for gift-buying is echoed by Stamperland resident Alice Connelly, although she commented: “I love interesting little shops, but they don’t work here and I feel quite sad about that.

“I’d just like to see more variety in the area – I pass through and stop for coffee quite often, and it seems that coffee and charity shops are all we’ve got”.

Ken and Jeanette McGibbon provided an outsider perspective on the issue, as the couple are visiting their niece from Spain.

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Ken said: “We were here four years ago and we can see a big difference. Either the shops are empty, or they’re all the same.

“There’s a place for shopping centres like Silverburn, but they’re getting bigger and bigger, and it just seems to destroy the community high street”.

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