Holiday health advice

WITH the start of the school summer break, people in Cumbernauld and Kilsyth are being urged to prepare ahead to ensure they have a safe and healthy holiday, whether at home or abroad.

Scotland’s national telehealth and telecare service, NHS 24, is advising people to visit to get helpful tips and advice on summer holiday health issues.

A dedicated ‘Safe Summer in Scotland’ section provides advice on how to stay safe in the heat and sun, as well as information on how to avoid outdoor hazards, travel tips and the safe preparation of food.

NHS 24 Medical Director Professor George Crooks said: “It is always a good idea to be prepared whether on holiday at home or abroad and the wide range of information available at can help you do just that. Whether it is finding out what vaccinations to have before travelling, what to do when an upset tummy strikes or how to deal with insect bites, the information is readily available.

“If you take regular medication, make sure you have enough to last for your whole trip.

“It is essential to always wear sunscreen when out in the sun, even in the UK.

“By taking these simple steps, you can help minimise or even prevent minor health problems from ruining your holiday.”

NHS 24 is now available on the free phone number 111. By dialling 111, people across Scotland can continue to access the same high quality service for anyone seeking advice and support during the out of hours period when their GP surgery is closed.

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