Home from home for an exotic Spanish stowaway

If you're partial to a bit of broccoli with your dinner you might want to check it closely before committing it to the saucepan.

Animals charity the Scottish SSPCA was summoned to an un-named Lanarkshire supermarket when an adventurous Iberian wall lizard was found by an observant member of staff to be hiding on a broccoli head.

If he hadn’t been spotted (and he is both tiny and green) he could easily have ended up in someone’s shopping basket.

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Promptly named Brock, the hardy traveller had presumably come all the way from the Iberian peninsula (so he could be Portuguese, or even from Gibraltar) – underneath the cellophane wrap on the vegetables he was using for camouflage.

SSPCA chief inspector Fiona Henderson said: “The poor wee guy was dehydrated but other unharmed from his adventures.

“As he’s not a native reptile Brock couldn’t be rehomed like our normal rescues.

“In this case, he’s gone to live in a multi-habitat vivarium at the Scottish Exotic Animal Rescue centre with reptile expert Nick Martin.”

She added: “The vivarium is designed to mimic Brock’s habitat as closely as possible and it seems he’s settled in perfectly well despite his broccoli ordeal.”

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