Horsemeat scandal is bonus for Clydesdale butchers

THE recent horsemeat scandal has resulted in scores of shoppers racing to quality Clydesdale butchers for their meat.

Customers are shunning the cut-price supermarket deals in the wake of the scandal.

And that means a real upturn in fortunes for local butchers who provide quality rather than quantity to their customers.

Law butcher Jim Cairns, who runs J H Cairns, said: “People are concerned about the mis-information that the supermarkets are giving. They no longer appear to trust them.

“The majority of people are now going for quality rather than price; the bottom line is that you get what you pay for.”

Ramsay of Carluke’s financial director Johnny Ramsay said that his company had also witnessed an increase in sales.

“On the first Saturday after the news broke we ran out of mince three times and had to make some more,” said Johnny.

“It appears people are making lasagnes and other dishes themselves rather than relying on supermarket ready-meals.

“If people are cooking with fresh ingredients, that can only be a good thing.”

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