How easy do you find it to buy booze in local shops?

The East Dunbartonshire Alcohol and Drugs Partnership (ADP) is encouraging members of the public to share their views on alcohol provision.

Alcohol survey
Alcohol survey

These views will be presented to the East Dunbartonshire Licensing Board as part of an on-going review of its alcohol policy, which is used to determine applications for services such as off-sale and on-sale alcohol licences.

A survey asking what people they think about how easy or difficult it is to buy alcohol in their local areas has been launched online.

The survey is also available in paper format at health centres, community centres and libraries.

Andy Martin, Chair of the ADP, said: “We are keen to know what people think about the availability of both off-sales and on-sales alcohol provision in East Dunbartonshire.

“This short survey gives us a picture of what members of the public think about how easy or difficult it is to purchase alcohol, and if they believe that there are links between this and people’s health and wellbeing.”

To fill in the survey go to

It will run until February 28.