How volunteering helped Scott gain a job

For one young Dunbartonshire man a stint as volunteer with Barnardos helped him gain not only valuable skills but also a full time job.

Scott Jackson began volunteering for Barnardo’s Scotland when he was 19.

During a period of unemployment following a stint as a trainee hairdresser, he was keen to pursue a career in retail.

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His local Job Centre gain him a work placement at the children charity’s store and he enjoyed it so much he continued volunteering there for three years.

Scott said: “I really wanted to work in retail but I just didn’t have the experience on my CV to feel confident in applying for jobs in that field.

“I was delighted when I had the opportunity to learn the ropes and gain the skills needed.”

When a sales associate role became available at the Barnardo’s Scotland shop in Milngavie, Scott was encouraged to apply for the position by the a store manager, Iris McAllister.

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She said: “Scott was such a valuable member of the team and had learned so much in his time at the shop. “When the vacancy came up in Milngavie, I knew he would be perfect for the job.

“Many of our volunteers have gone on to employment thanks to the experience and skills developed with us and it’s always great to see the progression.”

Scott, now 23, said: “I remember feeling very nervous and not knowing what to expect the first day I arrived for my work placement.

“My first day as an employee at Milngavie was so different - I had so much more confidence in my ability and knew that I would be able to overcome any challenges that came up in the job because I had managed to do so when volunteering.

“I now know that retail is the career for me and I hope to progress to manager one day.”

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