Ibrox Stadium roundabout to shut for 10 days as essential repaving works take place to fix potholes

The roundabout is expected to shut for 10 days from the start of December to allow for essential repaving works

The roundabout outside Ibrox Stadium on Broomloan Road is set to shut for 10 days from Saturday, December 3, for repaving works.

Notorious amongst southside commuters for the numerous potholes on the road - the potholes are set to be patched over six working days.

This means the roundabout is expected to be shut from December 3 until December 13.

One Twitter user wrote about the roundabout on Twitter, they said:“Driving in Glasgow today on the roundabout at Ibrox Stadium I could not believe the size of the potholes.

“They were like craters. It was akin to a 3rd world country.”