I’m no terrorist sympathiser says Cumbernauld, Kilsyth & Kirkintilloch MP

Stuart McDonald MP has slammed Prime Minister David Cameron for describing opponents of the bombing of Syria as “terrorist sympathisers.

Mr McDonald, like all his Scottish Nationalist colleagues voted against the air strikes.

However, the decision to unleash military action was finally carried by 397 votes to 224 last week.

The 10 hour debate prompted some of the stormiest scenes witnessed in the Palace of Westminster for years.

And Mr Cameron’s comment is one that Mr McDonald has reacted to with anger.

He said: “David Cameron’s comments were simply disgraceful.

“There were MPs in six different political parties with a varied range of backgrounds, including military ones united in opposing these air strikes.

“Absolutely none of them merit that description.

“The Prime Minister should have apologised. He let himself down badly by refusing to do so.”

Mr McDonald believes that the Government has “no real idea” what to do when bombs are dropped.

He also fears a high level of civilian casualties and is not persuaded that the action will ultimately bring peace to the region.