International visitors all set for Cumbernauld

A global delegation will soon land in Cumbernauld as part of a Glasgow-based global conference on architecture that's now underway.

A 20-strong group is being bussed into the town to start the tour at 2pm on Saturday outside Sacred Heart Parish Church.

One of Scotland’s leading architectural historians Diane Watters, who grew up in Kildrum, will pinpoint examples of the cutting-edged new town outlay that distinguished Cumbernauld in design terms.

The 90 minute tour will snake its way back to St Mungo’s parish church, taking in the town centre.

The tour is the same one that attracted visitors to the ReimagiNAtion festival last month.

Although the presence of the visitors has been welcomed, a number of community figures have expressed fears that the less-well maintained parts of the town may leave delegates with a bad impression.

Participants have jetted in for the annual conference of the Society of Architectural Historians which has been held outwith North America for the first time in 40 years.

For many delegates, it will be the first and only chance they will have to see Cumbernauld.