It’s good to be back in town

By editor Jackie Mitchell

IF you pop by our office any time soon you will barely recognise us. After a major refit, the Cumbernauld News and Kilsyth Chronicle office is looking bright and sparkly and ready for business.

As with any major building work it’s been an upheaval. We’ve been decanted out of our ‘home’ for just over a month and it is very good to be back. There’s nothing like a month away to really appreciate what you have on your doorstep – I for one like the commute to work, if only to have peace and quiet to listen to the radio uninterrupted for 30 glorious minutes each way.

And the shops! Oh yes, the shops are great. It’s only when in exile that I noticed just how many times I nip out to our shopping centres. It’s saved me a small fortune, but it’s not been fun.

And most of all, I know the temporary flit tried the patience of our readers. I hope you’re as glad to see us back as we are to be here.