It's tails up and eyes down for pet bingo

Mecca Bingo insists it hasn't gone barking mad - and this isn't an April Fool prank - when it boasts about its new game specifically for pets.

The firm’s Wishaw outlet is just a short romp from Motherwell, and the firm reckons customers who don’t want to leave their four-legged friend at home while they enjoy standard bingo for humans will lap up the concept.

Claimed certain to set tails wagging up and down the country, the launch of the new multi-channel offering for non-human players – Mecca Pets – will “for the first time ever” allow pets to play bingo alongside their owners both in club and online.

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Three quarters of Mecca customers are said to be pet owners, and for years Mecca has been listening to feedback that members would enjoy bingo even more if they were able to share the experience with their pets.

So the company went to work to find a paws-able solution.

Larger pet-friendly bingo cards and tablets that respond to paw prints instead of fingertips have been created. Mecca has also been trialling different games with a variety of pets to ensure the new Mecca Pets games hit the mark with canine and feline players alike (although possibly not in the same session).

The new animal-oriented games are claimed to have been a big hit with members and their furry companions alike. Bingo and dog lover, Joanne Popplewell said: ‘I am over the moon! My Cockapoo Buddy is incredibly sociable just like me and loves to come to club to play the Mecca Pets games and see his four-legged friends while I’m playing.

“So far he hasn’t won anything but he has come close a couple of times and he gets very excited when he gets down to just one or two numbers. His tail starts going like crazy!”

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Mecca Bingo spokeswoman Caroline Webb said: “With the majority of our customers owning pets, it seemed the sensible solution to create a game where they can play along with their owner either in club of the comfort of their own home.

“It’s great to see the new games have had the bark of approval from Buddy, and thankfully there’s been no hairy moments following the influx four legged furry animals in clubs.”

To attend a Mecca Club you need to be aged 18 years or over and be a customer of Mecca Bingo.