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PEOPLE of Glasgow do not fear — for the city is covered in the event of a Sharknado.

Following the release of the cult movie, a curious resident submitted a freedom of information request to find out whether Glasgow was prepared for a very unique natural disaster.

According to the made-for-television disaster film, a Sharknado is a waterspout that lifts sharks out of the ocean, despositing them on land.

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Local man Robert McMillan asked: “What response plan does the Glasgow city council have for dealing with the immediate effects and aftermath of a Sharknado hitting this fine city.”

Much to his surprise, he received a detailed response from the local authority.

In an e-mailto Mr McMillan, GCC’s Ayshea Brown said: “Glasgow city council works in collaboration with its partner agencies to carry out a risk assessment across the city.

“These risk assessments cover elements associated with severe wather, coastal flooding and animal based risks.

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“Whilst each of these three generic risks is rated as high, there is no specific risk identified for Sharknado within the Glasgow city risk register. The risks being rated as high mean they carry control measures and where appropriate specific contingency planning.

“With regards to weather and flooding, the mitigating factors and control measures in place for incidents related to a tornado style waterspout would be based around the MET Office and SEPA severe weather and flood early warning systems.”

Speaking on Facebook, Mr McMillan described the correspondence as the “greatest email I have ever received”.