Jo Swinson to stand in rematch of 2015 General Election

East Dunbartonshire SNP MP John Nicolson will face former opponent Liberal Democrat Jo Swinson in a rematch of the 2015 General Election.

Ms Swinson announced yesterday she is to fight the seat in the forthcoming election in June.

The former local MP and former UK Business minister lost to Mr Nicolson two years ago. The majority was a slim 2,167.

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Ms Swinson, who represented East Dunbartonshire for 10 years, announced on Twitter: “I’m standing to be a pro-UK, pro-EU MP for East Dunbartonshire.”

The contest is set to be one of the most intriguing north of the border.

Jo Swinson said today: “This next Parliament will be pivotal for our country, both for Scotland’s place in the UK, and the UK’s relationship with the rest of Europe.

“I’m standing in the general election because I’m passionate about keeping Scotland in the UK, and averting the disaster of the Tories’ hard Brexit. Most people in East Dunbartonshire agree – 61% voted to stay in the UK and 71% voted to remain in the EU. They deserve a pro-UK, pro-EU MP.

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“East Dunbartonshire is the SNP’s second most marginal seat, with a majority of just 2,167 over the Liberal Democrats.

“The result last time makes it absolutely clear: this is a fight between the SNP and the Liberal Democrats, and one I fully intend to win.”

Mr Nicolson, a former BBC journalist, has been one of the SNP’s most high-profile MPs over the past two years.

He told the Herald earlier this week: “The choice before East Dunbartonshire voters is clear, as it is for voters all across Scotland.

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“Labour cannot win the General Election. We face the prospect of a huge Conservative majority.

“The SNP is needed as never before at Westminster to provide vigorous opposition to a hard line Tory Government.

“Voters now have the chance to send a clear message about the direction of our country. I look forward to a passionately fought and vigorous campaign in East Dunbartonshire.”

2015 result in East Dunbartonshire

SNP (John Nicolson) - 22,093 (40.3%)

Liberal Democrats (Jo Swinson) - 19.926 (36.3%)

Labour - 6,754 (12.3%)

Conservative - 4,727 (8.6%)

Green - 804 (1.5%)

UKIP - 567 (1%)