Jobs should be saved in quarry move

PROPOSALS to start a new quarry in Banton safeguarding jobs for over 20 years are presently under 

The quarry, at Tomfyne Farm on Mailings Road, would be run by Aggregate Industries UK Ltd, who currently operate Croy Quarry and many others around the country.
The proposal is to establish an operation which would extract 350,000 tonnes of hard rock each year for 21 years. With Croy quarry earmarked for closure, the move will help sustain jobs.

A company spokesman confirmed the new quarry would sustain the jobs of ten existing workers while also providing up to 15 additional labour contracts. Further, the quarry would supply producers of ready-mix cement and asphalt, helping to sustain a further 40 jobs around the area between Chryston, Falkirk and Grangemouth.

A public consultation on the plans recently opened and Banton Community Council members spent two days manning an information point in the village hall, where members of the public had a chance to view the plans and contribute to the consultation.

Community council chairwoman Wendy Hoyle said: “In all we had 39 people visit and received 27 comments. 17 people expressed support for the proposal, nine were against it and one was neither.”

Community councils themselves must take a neutral stance on public consultations of this nature.

The consultation remains live until August 29. Anyone wishing to submit their views can do so by emailing [email protected]

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