Jordan lands role as Craig Ferguson

A YOUNG actor from Cumbernauld could be headed for the big-time after landing a dream role in Craig Ferguson’s The Late Late Show.

Twelve-year-old Jordan Malone was hand-picked by the TV star’s crew to play Ferguson in a series of sketches filmed in Cumbernauld and across Scotland, re-enacting the talk show host’s youth in the town.

The skits were revealed in a trailer released by production company CBS last week and will be shown each night this week in a set of special Scottish editions of the show.

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“I couldn’t believe it when I got picked,” said Jordan, from Kildrum.

“It’s been hard to take in, I’m still trying to believe in it!

“I’m a little nervous about it now but it’s all done and I’m looking forward to seeing it.”

Ferguson returned to Cumbernauld in February this year where he visited his old high school with TV crews and movie star guests to begin filming the special series of shows.

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He later travelled to Edinburgh to meet First Minister Alex Salmond and visited his old holiday destination of Arbroath where more filming was done.

Jordan got to rub shoulders with Hollywood’s finest, including Black Swan star Mila Kunis and Michael Clarke Duncan of Green Mile fame, during the exhausting five days of filming and sampled Ferguson’s life style as he and his mother were chauffeured around the country.

However, the young thespian still has his feet planted firmly on the ground, despite also being paid handsomely for his week of stardom.

“I felt it was a little strange, being driven around like that. It felt unnecessary, but I wasn’t complaining at the time!

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“Nothing that we were doing was scripted and that was a new experience for me. I never had to do improv’ before but it was excellent.

“I bought myself an XBox with the money I was paid and it was an amazing experience.”

Pick up this Wednesday’s edition of the Cumbernauld News to read what Jordan got up to on the road plus what his proud mum and gran had to say about the whole experience.

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