Just not good enough

A road safety campaigner has criticised East Ren council, warning traffic chiefs not to wait for someone to die before installing safety measures on Barrhead Road.

Campaign leader Graham McClure told The Extra: “Someone’s going to die before anything’s done about this. It’s just not good enough.”

The campaign, launched on August 19, has been gathering pace with many likeminded parents and pedestrians joining the call for safer roads.

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“I presented [Eastwood MSP] Ken Macintosh with a petition of now 170 signatures calling for extra safety measures on that stretch of road near The Avenue shopping mall and the motorway ramps of the M77. It’s insane to think this situation is fine.”

Likening the road to an early arcade game involving animated ‘frogs’ and fastmoving obstacles, he said: “There is only one set of traffic lights on that road and road-crossing islands down at the lower end of the road.

“Trying to cross there is like a game of Frogger.”

However, calls for traffic calming and other measures may have fallen on deaf ears with East Ren council appearing to have no plans to put further measures in place than already exist.

A council spokesman told The Extra: “We have been working in partnership with the police to reduce speeding on Barrhead Road.

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“We aim to ensure our roads are as safe as they can be and we will continue to look at measures to improve pedestrian safety. We will certainly take into consideration the feedback from residents on this matter.

“We would urge all local people, drivers cyclists and pedestrians to exercise care at all times when using or crossing our roads.”

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