Keep chocolates out of reach of pets this Christmas

Glasgow firm Pets ‘n’ Vets has issued reminder to watch your Christmas chocolate around the family dog.

The warning was prompted by Ollie, a mischievous 15-month-old chihuahua, who ate an entire chocolate advent calendar.

Fortunately for Ollie, his owner David Bannigan remembered that chocolate was bad for dogs and he sought immediate help.

Pets ‘n’ Vets partner Ross Allan said: “The important thing for owners to remember is that chocolate contains theobromine which can be a serious danger to dogs.

“Theobromine is a stimulant (similar to caffeine) which is metabolised differently in dogs compared to humans.

“Symptoms of poisoning can include vomiting, diarrhoea, restlessness and potentially seizures.”

Ross added that “the risk of toxicity is dose dependant, with the most dangerous combination being dark chocolate – which contains a lot of theobromine – and a small dog.

“Ollie was quickly diagnosed as being at risk which meant we could give him the right treatment and enable him to have a swift and full recovery. No long term damage is anticipated.

“Prompt assessment and treatment is important for dog owners to recognise, especially at this time of year when Advent Calendars and other chocolate treats are often left lying around. These present a poison risk to your pet pooch.”