Kildrum community get together for major clean-up

COMMUNITY spirit is alive and well in Kildrum after a group of residents gathered during the weekend to spruce up their patch.

The Braehead Road Residents’ Association was formed in April 2010, and since then they have been working to make their area that little bit better.

Throughout Sunday and Monday, members of the group spent time painting, litter picking and cleaning sections of their street.

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Committee member Lynda Beattie said: “We’ve been working to get a bit of community spirit and a sense of taking pride in where we live. I think we were just seeing the area going down hill a bit and the chairperson started to put up posters in the closes getting people to e-mail if they wanted to do something about it.

“It took us about three weeks to organise everything but we’re really happy with the response.

“We’re now at a stage that have enough people where we could have an event like this and make it a success.”

Forty members showed up on Sunday for part one of the clean up as well as local councillors Tom Johnston, Elizabeth Irvine and Stephen Grant.

“It went really well at the weekend,” added Lynda.

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“The council delivered a big container skip for us and we filled it in about two hours. Everyone was really enjoying it. We set up a marquee as well and the Co-op gave us about £500 worth of food, so we got a break then went back to work.

“We worked from 10am to 4pm then we all got packed up and headed to Cumbernauld Theatre for a drink and a chat. It was perfect.”

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