Kilsyth Academy sweeps the board in Rotary technology contest

The Rotary Club in Kilsyth recently held its annual technology tournament for secondary school pupils.

The venue was Kilsyth Academy and pupils of Calderhead High School, Lanark Grammar School and Biggar High School travelled to Kilsyth to compete against the host school.

The teams were challenged with designing, building and testing a prototype weight-powered vehicle capable of travelling along a rising track. In the end the judges chose the entries from Kilsyth Academy as the winners in all three categories.

Gillian Caldwell, head teacher at Kilsyth Academy, said: “Once again the school hosted the Rotary Young Technologist Compeitition, with a total of eighteen teams taking part from Kilsyth Academy, Calderhead High School, Lanark Grammar School and Biggar High School.

“After a full day of design, manufacture and testing judges reached their conclusions and Kilsyth Academy was declared the winner in all three age ranges.

“Many congratulations to Ben Cullen 1K, Lewis McLean 1L, Reece Watson 1L, Jack Whitehead 2L, David Bault 3T, Angus Buck 3S, Kelly Morrison 3K, Callum Baird 3T, Amanda Baird 6Y3, Hazel Oakley 6.2, Andrew Airlie 6L1 and John Henderson 6T3. Many thanks also go to the Rotary Club of Kilsyth for organising the event.”

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