Kilsyth businesses grateful for public support following break-ins

TWO Kilsyth traders have expressed their gratitude to the people who helped their businesses recover from a double break-in.

Barber Paul Surgeon and Helen Brady of Braids Salon have neighbouring businessed in Market Street. Both were devastated two months ago when someone broke into their shops, robbed them and left the taps running so the premises were flooded.

But big-hearted locals have rallied round to show their support to both businesses.

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Paul Surgeon said: “I’d like to thank the public for the kindness and great support since the break in. Handing cards in, coming in for haircuts when they didn’t even need a haircut, the local business around have been so supportive as well.

“The last seven weeks have been a total nightmare with the shop being upside down but if it wasn’t for my papa Seamus the shop would be a disaster. He has been in the shop until 11pm 4 or 5 nights a week, painting and decorating and I can’t thank him enough.

“I am looking forward to just concentrating on cutting hair now and being really busy in the run up to Christmas.

“There is a new shutter put on the front door so I have peace of mind now when locking the shop up at night. Good always comes out of bad and the shop has gained so much more business from it.

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“I would also like to publicly thank the Kilsyth Chronicle for the appeal for the football tops back and their ongoing support.”

Helen Brady added: “The local people have been great and I’d like to thank them too. The other businesses nearby have offered to help us in any way they can. It’ll be another week until we have our floor replaced but we’re getting there.

“Charity collecting tins were stolen from the shop when it was broken into and I’ve had to tell the woman who collected them not to come back, I can’t have anything in the shop that gives people an incentive to break in again.”

Cumbernauld Police have confirmed that a 20-year-old man and a 14-year-old boy have been reported to the Procurator Fiscal in connection with these break-ins.

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