Kilsyth environmental row continues

A farmer at the centre of a council investigation insists that claims of illegal quarrying on his land are nonsense.

Last week we revealed that Kilsyth Community Council and Councillor Jean Jones were opposed to the controversial works at Woodend Farm.

They were irate after trees were cut down to accommodate extensive digging by heavy-duty machinery. A link was also drawn between the work and flooding between Coach Road and Stirling Road.

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Landowner Ronnie Chalmers has now contacted the Chronicle to rubbish the claims.

The sheep breeder said: “I am only trying to run a business here with my son.

“I have kept the council fully consulted since March. I am not quarrying on this site nor does it have anything to do with land for housing.

“This is agricultural work. Nothing has changed except its scale. The field is bigger than people think and it’s my field.

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“I need to get rid of noxious weeds and the work is being done in this way because of terrain and topographical issues.”

Meanwhile in a fresh twist, the council has now taken a course of action which clearly flags up a level of concern within the planning department.

A council spokesperson confirmed: “The council has requested that work stop at the location while we continue discussions with those responsible.

“However, no formal notice has been served.”

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