Kilsyth Weight Watcher Roxanne is autumn star on TV

Kilsyth woman Roxanne Gallacher is currently starring in the Weight Watchers autumn TV spot after losing an impressive 2st 7Ibs.
Roxanne "before".Roxanne "before".
Roxanne "before".

She says she has been on a “diet” ever since she was 16, and as her weight had always fluctuated was never fully happy with the way she looked – and steadily gained weight over the years.

On an alternate slimming programme, she even put weight on before her wedding.

She was inspired to joined Weight Watchers when “every photo was a ‘bad photo’ or a ‘bad angle’”.

Roxanne now.Roxanne now.
Roxanne now.

Roxanne concluded: “I lost my general zest for life and I knew I had to make a change.”

Now, Roxanne has even participated in a group abseil from The Falkirk Wheel, and now reckons she’s “a different person with a lust for life that was missing before” and “could do anything I put my mind to.”

With a renewed passion for cooking, she loves to create new healthy recipes and being active outdoors with her dogs, friends and family.

Roxanne now.Roxanne now.
Roxanne now.