Lanark family appeal for new council home

WHEN the Patterson family returned home to find their Lanark flat flooded, it was the final straw in a battle to escape 'a nightmare existence' in the town's Battismains area.

Richard Patterson, his wife and their three children hope to finally be rehoused from their "sub-standard, horrible" flat.

As they have appealed to council bosses, politicians and the press: "Help get us out of here — now!"

The family moved into the first floor flat in 2002 and, since 2005, they claim they have been waiting in vain for South Lanarkshire Council to allocate to them what Richard terms "a proper house".

But South Lanarkshire Council told the Gazette this week that it regards the family's tenancy as permanent.

Richard claims the two-bedroom flat is overcrowded as well as being damp and almost impossible to heat.

South Lanarkshire Council has been carrying out its extensive Home Happening kitchen and bathroom renewal programme in the area but even this attempt to improve the Patterons' home ended badly.

Said Richard: "We came home from a family day out to find two police cars full of officers and a council joiner kicking in our front door in order to cut off water which was flooding the close beneath our flat.

"We have three carpets and a laminate floor that now need replaced along with a ruined personal computer, curtains and other items, all coming to over 500."

A South Lanarkshire Council spokeswoman said: "The council has apologised to Mr and Mrs Patterson for the damage and inconvenience."

She added: "The council has provided dehumidifiers, removed damaged floor coverings and replaced vinyl floor coverings, as well as providing assistance with Mr Patterson's insurance claim."

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