Lanark Primary School Scottish Opera 2013 Slideshow

LANARK Primary pupils enjoyed a fun-filled day with members of Scottish Opera.

The primary five, six and seven children all loved taking part in a production of The Legend of Slim McBride - an eventful take on Indiana Jones style adventures, complete with a lost tribe.

The pupils join action adventurer Slim McBride in an action-packed tale featuring the wonderful and exotic people, plants, birds and animals of the South American rainforests.

Exploring the threats that the modern world can pose, children are encouraged to ask crucial questions about the future of these magnificent forests, the eco-system that depends on them, and why it is so important that they be protected in the coming years.

Lanark Primary head teacher Margaret Scott believes that activity days like this can help educate the children on the importance of environmental issues.

She said: “It was a really enjoyable day for all of the pupils involved.

“It is always very eventful and it is one that all of the children really look forward to.

“Because we have had Scottish Opera at the school for the past few years, the younger children, who have not had a chance to be part of it before, really looked forward to it.

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