Lanark Scouts meet legendary Lord Coe

Scouts from Lanark were given an audience with double Olympic champion Lord Sebastian Coe at an event in Glasgow.

Along with leaders Geoff Smith and Andrew McMillan, and parent helper Sarah Hughes, 14 scouts set out for Glasgow Scout Hall in Burnside last Wednesday.

There was much excitement as the boys and girls were given the chance to enjoy a question and answer session with Lord Coe.

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Geoff said: “It was fantastic to be at the event. It was a good bit away from Lanark but it was worth the trip to give our Scouts a chance to meet an Olympic hero.”

Speaking about the Games, Lord Coe said: “There are so many more athletes than there were all those years ago.

“The technology has changed too. Years ago we could only watch it on TV, in black and white. Now people can watch on their phone or on their computers.”

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