Lanark 'snubbed' for X-ray facility

LANARK is being totally snubbed in an NHS Lanarkshire review of X-ray services around the county.

So claims the area's MSP, who has made the latest in many attempts to bring such a service to the town.

Previous bids to have the facility brought to Lanark — to save local patients travelling miles to hospitals in other parts of Lanarkshire for examination — have been fruitless.

But Clydesdale MSP Karen Gillon has grasped the opportunity of an ongoing review of X-ray services in Lanarkshire to make a fresh bid.

She wants Lanarkshire NHS to use its radiology review to have the

long-awaited equipment finally placed in Lanark Health Centre.

She said: "NHS Lanarkshire states that it is committed to patient pathways and I am keen to see it follow up on that commitment by using this review to bring X-ray facilities to Lanark."

However, the Gazette discovered from NHS Lanarkshire that Lanark was not even included in the review.

A spokeswoman said: "There are currently no plans to introduce X-ray facilities in Lanark Health Centre and this will not be considered as part of this review."

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