Learning is fun

Kilsyth Primary School opened up its doors to parents recently for a Come and Learn Day.

The event was held to introduce the school community to new headteacher Louise Duncan.

Louise spoke at the event about her vision for the future of the school and the values she wanted to introduce.

The event was, however, about the pupils who gave presentations about how they are leaders in learning within the school community.

Groups involved in the presentation included the primary sevens who recently refreshed the house system.

The group even produced a new parental leaflet to explain how the new house system works for pupils.

The Pupil Council and the Junior Road Safety team also spoke at the event.

Parents and guests including North Lanarkshire Council deputy provost and Kilsyth councillor Jean Jones were then able to get a tour of the school and visit classrooms to learn more about what the children were doing this term.