Lenzie Academy prizewinners - 2015

Lenzie Academy award winners - 2015

Head Teacher Brian Paterson with Senior Dux medal winners Daniel Dewar and Lorna Cowan

First year: 1A - 1 Oliver Baird, 2 Cameron Davidson. 1B - 1 Gabrielle Singh, 2 Dylan Elliott. 1C - 1 Alexandra Douglas, 2 Rachel Millington. 1D - 1 Craig Mckenzie, 2 (joint) Marnie Bloomfield, Emily McConnell.

1E - 1 Alix Davidson, 2 Rachel Cook. 1F - 1 Alastair Ferguson, 2 Hannah Sleigh. 1G - 1 Sally McAuley, 2 Laura McCartney.

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Certificate of Merit: 1A - Emma Burchell, Rebecca Mitchell, Joshua Morrison. 1B - Sam Glen, Naomi Paton, Eva Sutherland, Elise Walker, Hannah Wallace. 1C - Aimee Anderson, Richard Bautista, Lauren Kelly, Connie Mills, Ben Street. 1D - Cara Allen, Thomas Dearden, Eric Macdonald, Sam Yip.

1E - Emily Dick, Olivia Finlay, Matthew Gunn, Robert Kelsey, Max Li, Peter Macauley, Sophie Smith. 1F - Duncan Buchanan, Jordan Lee, Kirsty McNair, Kelly Shek. 1G - Johnny Clark, Eleanor Haseler, Caitie Mak, Matthew Martin,

Iain McKenzie, Craig Sydserff

Second Year: 2A - 1 Sophie Hirshall, 2 Jenna Nisbet. 2B - 1 Blair Foster, 2 Rachel Maxwell. 2C - 1 Aimee Meikle, 2 Fraser Bell. 2D - 1 Eve Nicholson, 2 Andrew Dudman, 2E - 1 Rachel Cunningham, 2 Abby Morrison. 2F - 1 Tess Bunyan, 2 Greta Konovalova. 2G - 1 Eoghan Gray, 2 Genie Metzger. 2H - 1 Holly Harrison, 2 Matthew Billcliff.

Certificate of Merit: 2A - Laura Marshall, Yasmin McCotter, Jack Tierney, Anthony Tung. 2B - Sarah Adams, Adrianna Binning, Elissa Burr, Grant Tedeschi. 2C - Sophie Higham, Katie King, Rachel Mackay. 2D - Kevin Chan, Hilary Cusack, Michael Lavery, Martha Lavy,

Iona Smith, Lian Yip. 2E - Caitlin Fraser, Morgan Lamont, Cameron Marsland, Eilidh Millin, Hannah Muir. 2F - Olivia Frame, Ross Hutchinson, Greg Munro, Dan Stewart. 2G - Jenna Campbell, Fraser Meek, Zuzanna Wandzik. 2H - Freya Bradley, Anna Carmichael, Olivia Eadie.

Third Year: Administration and IT (joint), Heather Cunningham, Administration and IT (joint), German and Spanish, Sophie Blaker; Art and Design, Andrew Taylor; Business Management and Computing Science, Joshua Parkhill, Colm Lim; Chemistry (joint), Hamish McAllister, Nina Sosna; Chemistry (joint) and Geography (joint), Kirsty Donaldson; Drama, Craig Lamb; Engineering Science, Eilidh Nevin; English, Reyah Martin; Fashion and Textile Technology, Shevaun Muldoon; French (joint), Beth Seggie; Graphic Communication, Haydn Cheng; Health and Food Technology, Nicola Steel; Hospitality (joint), Emma Cumming, Ethan Yeung; Learning Across the Curriculum, Rebecca Goudie; Music, Briony Daly; PE Studies, Scott Connal; Physics, Euan Ferguson. Practical Woodworking, Ben Reid; Princes Trust XL Award, Nicolle Sneddon.

Fourth Year: The George McLean Young Prize for Administration and IT, Melissa Scott; The Allison Prize for Art and Design, Sophie Henderson; Biology and Mathematics, Harry He; Business Management, Fashion and Textile Technology(joint) and Modern Studies (joint), Iman Anwar; The Kirkintilloch Miners’ Welfare Prize for Chemistry, Robert Haseler; Computing Science, French (joint), German and Modern Studies (joint), David Miller.

Engineering Science and Graphic Communication, Thomas Aston; English and History (joint), Alicia Binning; Fashion and Textile Technology (joint), Chloe Sung; French (joint), Isabella Crofts; Geography (joint), Naomi McConnell, Olivia Selby; Health and Food Technology and History (joint), Theresa Namaalwa.

The McAllister Shield for Hospitality, Jacqueline Garden; Learning Across the Curriculum, Brodie Conn; The Kirkintilloch Male Voice Choir Shield for Music, Matthew Carmichael; The Kirkintilloch Miners’ Welfare Prize for Physics, Joseph Lavery; PE Studies, Gavin Cruickshanks; Practical Woodworking, Biruk Gulai; Princes Trust XL Award, Caitlin Geddes; Spanish, Katie Macauley.

Fifth and Sixth Year: National 5 Awards - Administration, Priya Ginda; Art and Design, Megan Tullis; Biology, Max Campbell; Business Management and Mathematics, Shauna Weir; Chemistry, Russell Meek; Engineering Science, Calum McDonald; English, Calum Graham; Hospitality - Practical Cookery, Lyndsay Swart; Modern Studies, Kade Sommerville; PE Studies, Callan McCann; Practical Cake Craft, Neve Torrance; RMPS (Intermediate 2) and Spanish, Henna Ali; Practical Woodworking, Struan MacGuire.

Higher Awards: Accounting, Sean Yau; Administration, Ashleigh Kennedy; Art and Design, Erin Gilmour; Biology, Jenny Lee; Business Management, History, The Baird Prize for Modern Studies (joint) and Travel and Tourism, Brooklyn Braeger; Computing, Ross Stewart; Dance, Fiona McCallum; Drama, Arran Summers; The Ron McClure Memorial Cup for Engineering Science, Jack Purcell; Fashion and Textile Technology (joint), Ben Findlay, Beth Whitelaw; French, Hannah Little; Geography (joint), Laura Chalmers, Julie Shirlaw; The Gillies Prize for Higher German, Amy Crawford.

Graphic Communication, Andrew Webber; Health and Food Technology, Becky 
MacLeod; Information Systems, James McGoldrick; The Baird Prize for Modern Studies (Joint) and Religious, Moral and Philosophical Studies, Kerr Sewell.

The Macpherson Memorial Prize for Music, Eilidh Horn; PE Studies (joint), Nicole Cairney, Jonnie Walker; Photography, Lara Young; Spanish, Eilidh Urquhart; Politics, Christy McLeod.

Sixth Year Advanced Higher Awards: Business Management, Christy McLeod; Applied Mathematics, Samuel Lavery; Art and Design, Olivia Topalian; Biology and Chemistry, Emma Dow; Computing, Christopher Richmond; English and Modern Studies, Lisa Ewing.

Geography, Alexander Brown; Health and Food Technology, Bethany Tait; History, Natalie McCabe; Mathematics (Joint), Jonathan Martin, Julia Sheng; PE Studies, Jack Selby; Physics, Holly Schneeberger; Religious Moral and Philosophical Studies, Jayne Cuthbertson; Technological Studies, David MacLeod.

The Alasdair Graham 
Trophy for Advanced Higher Music, Samuel Borrill.

Special Awards: The Emily-Jane Gold Award for Positive Attitude, Matthew Craig. The Gareth McKellar Trophy for Sporting Achievement in S3, Siobhan Young. The MacLean Cup for Outstanding Sporting

Achievement (Boys), Duncan McKinney.

The Williamson Cup for Outstanding Sporting Achievement (Girls), Robyn Morrison. The Jones Cup for All-Round Sporting Excellence, Jenny Lee. Junior Public Speaking Trophy (joint), Eve Miller, Catherine MacDonald.

The Morag Redpath Award, Nicolle Sneddon. The Miller Reid Memorial Trophy for Personal Development/Achievement, Scott Connal. The Robert Muir Shield for Service to the School Community, Declan Scott. The Stewart Stevenson Snr. Trophy for Excellence in Mathematics, Samuel Lavery.

The Christine Slimming Award for Service to the Wider Community (joint), Ben Findlay. The Christine Slimming Award for Service to the Wider Community (joint) and The Julian Roebuck Memorial Award, Callum Dely. The Julian Roebuck Memorial Award, Haihui Yan.

The Solsgirth Trophy for Contribution to the Arts, Megan Kilpatrick. The Colin Brown Trophy for Information Technology, James McGoldrick. The Head Teacher’s Citizenship Award for Girls’ Vice-Captain, Lisa Ewing, Haihui Yan.

The Head Teacher’s Citizenship Award for Boys’ Vice-Captain, Hal Dhami, Lucas Hand, Scott White.

The Local Area Sub-Committee Cup and The Head Teacher’s Award for Girls’ School Captain, Suzanne Dowds. The School Representation Cup and The Head Teacher’s Award for Boys’ School Captain, Jonathan Martin.

The prize for French (joint), The Prize for Geography (joint) and prize for runner-up to the Junior Dux for Session 2014 -2015, Georgia McKinney.

The Prize for Biology, The Prize for Mathematics, The Prize for Modern Studies and

The Medal for Junior Dux of Lenzie Academy for Session 2014-2011, Laura McCafferty.

The Johnston-Paul Prize for Higher English, The Prize for Higher Human Biology and The Medal for Joint Senior Dux of Lenzie Academy for Session 2014-2015, Lorna Cowan. The Prize for Higher Chemistry, The James Hamilton Memorial Cup for Higher Mathematics, The Prize for Higher Physics and The Medal for Joint Senior Dux of Lenzie Academy for Session 2014-2015, Daniel Dewar.