Letters to the editor

A selection from our postbag of September 19, 2012

Sir, – Tesco has two stores in Cumbernauld and Asda one, but both have the monopoly in this area of weekly shopping. The nearest Morrisons is either in Airdrie or Ballieston. Some people would like a preference of where to shop in the local area instead of having to travel an extra eight miles for another superstore and it would also boost the job market for people that are unemployed in the area and would also boost the local economy. – Yours etc.,


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Sir, – Supermarket issues – can’t disclaim it will create jobs, although it will only dilute the existing business available within the area. Instead of a three option supermarket choice, two Tesco, one Asda, we will add another which in my opinion, Morrisons are certainly more expensive than the above mentioned. Location at Broadwood will create mayhem with the road set up as it is. At present with the high school, travelling in that area at school times is pathetic, the Broadwood roundabout is usually a nightmare at most times. A site at the B&Q area would be more sensible.

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Possibly forget Morrisons and approach Marks and Spencer who will supply both food and household goods, clothing and furniture at competitive prices, and also attract lots of interest and bring all surrounding areas populations into Cumbernauld thus increase business for existing shops and traders. Inevitably as a fourth supermarket could create jobs, reduced staffing numbers could possibly happen within the existing supermarkets due to a downturn in turnover. After all you only buy your weekly shopping just once. – Yours etc.,


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Sir, – I was so glad to hear that Morrison’s was coming to the town, as I travel to Falkirk to shop there. It is also good to hear 300 jobs will come – that’s got to be good for Cumbernauld. I also love their cafe, it is very good and as Tesco at Craigmarloch has no one in it, that tells you a lot. Morrison’s has so much more variety, I for one hope to see it soon. – Yours etc.,


18 Gainburn Gardens


Sir, – Morrisons, this is great news for Cumbernauld. Over 300 new jobs created locally is fantastic.

The people of Cumbernauld deserve a better choice of supermarkets and hopefully more stores will follow to give us a better shopping experience locally. – Yours etc.,


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Sir, – Another supermarket in Cumbernauld would give more choice and would give a much needed boost to the local economy, the avaiability of more jobs for locals, and break the Asda and Tesco monolopy in the area. 
– Yours etc.,


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Sir, – Yes, we need a Morrisons. We must be the only town that only has an Asda and Tesco. Most towns smaller than Cumbernauld have Lidl or Aldi. It’s also good for the town and the jobs market which is not that great in Cumbernauld. It would also be good if they had a cinema. They keep building houses, but not amenities. – Yours etc.,


14E Mossgiel Road