Letters to the editor – Kirkintilloch Herald – August 15, 2012

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Praise for a local hero

AT the monthly committee meeting it was agreed that we too should write to the Herald in praise of the late Charles Kennedy.

He was the instigator in arranging for Antermony Loch to be purchased by East Dunbartonshire Council and leased to Caurnie Angling Club at a very difficult time when the then-owner, Scottish Water, was intent on selling the loch as a commercial venture.

He felt strongly that the loch should be available to the community and he was always supportive of our club and mindful of its wellbeing. He saw the club based at Antermony Loch as an essential part of the fabric of the district. The club owes much to Charles and we will miss him greatly.

The Caurnie Angling Club

Confused by response

I FOUND Councillor Ghai’s response to my comments last week (‘Tenants paying twice?’) both confusing and evasive.

I agree that if the transfer of stock to Hillhead Housing Association had never taken place then the same tenants would be paying for ground maintenance as part of their rental payments, so no difference there.

However, my contention still holds that tenants of housing associations and council housing are often in a minority in certain parts of East Dunbartonshire, due to the sale of houses under the “right to buy legislation”, yet must bear the whole cost of the ground maintenance for the area they live in.

Unless Councillor Ghai can persuade me that these same tenants receive a compensating reduction in their council tax for the ground maintenance of areas where no council or other social housing has ever existed then I can only conclude that Hillhead Association tenants and other social housing tenants are paying more than their fair share for local ground maintenance.

As Councillor Ghai says, council tax does not pay for the maintenance of communal open spaces in Hillhead. So why should Hillhead Housing Association tenants be making a council tax contribution towards the maintenance of these same open spaces elsewhere in East Dunbartonshire?

Cllr John Jamieson

Circus praise

I HAVE read the comments regarding Woodhead Park (‘Muddy hell as circus leaves town’). In some respects I agree the park has been left in a state.

However, I would like to point out that for myself and my children – one who was just out of hospital (she had the biggest smile on her face ever) – the pure entertainment value of the show made it a winner in my book.

Alister Owens and family,

(via e-mail).

I live near the park and, yes, it is in a mess. Surely whoever allocated that venue to Zippos Circus have to take some responsibility. We have had excess rain and the ground was bound to be soft.

However, there has been no mention of the excellent show that was put on and enjoyed by many people.

I took my little grandson Cameron Davies (3) to see it and I have a couple of photos showing the joy and wonder on a little boy’s face. Judging by the noise of cheering and clapping we were not the only ones to enjoy the circus. If another venue could be found I for one would like to see them return. It was really good to have them here.

Isobel Davies,

(via e-mail).

Camera plea

TO the lovely walkers of Kirkintilloch, I lost my camera on canal path between Kirkintilloch main street and Hillhead Bridge.

It is a Vivicam camera and there is a reward for its safe return.

Since I moved here my impressions of dog walkers, cyclists, etc, have been very friendly.

Hope you can help.

Marianne Murphy,

(details supplied)

Bonnie Prince was here...

IT was with some interest that I read the article on the rebuilt bridge at Eastside in your paper of August 2.

The article stated that there was a rumour that Bonnie Prince Charlie crossed the bridge, but this is no rumour, it is in fact true. It was on the morning of Friday, January 3, 1746, that the Prince’s column of the Highland army left Glasgow and headed north through Bishopbriggs, Cadder and on to Kirkintilloch.

Kirkintilloch was a Whig town and therefore unsympathetic to the Jacobite cause.

A lone sniper took a pot shot at a straggling McDonald clansman and killed him at the foot of the cross stone. When the enraged McDonald chiefs heard about this, they petitioned the Prince for permission to go back and burn the town. The Prince gave orders for Baillie Dollar of Eastside to be arrested along with the Lairds of Gartshore, Oxgang and Woodhead, and said that all four would hang unless the assassin was given up.

It was only through the intervention of Dr Archie Cameron, brother of Cameron of Lochiel, that the Prince changed his mind and the men were freed. The Prince then moved on to spend the night at the mansion house of the Livingston Lords of Kilsyth.

As a footnote, Dr Archie Cameron who saved Kirkintilloch was later hanged in London for his part in the rising. An interesting, if little known episode in the history of the town.

John Scott,

Crow Road, Lennoxtown.

Happy about supermarket

I WOULD like to take this opportunity to voice my feeling towards the new town plans for Bishopbriggs that seem to be causing a fair bit of concern amongst the community.

Personally, I am right behind the idea of developing the town centre and can see no reason why people should be complaining.

I find it hard to believe so many people want to stop the plans that could potentially transform the look of our town centre.

I feel a lot of these people fighting against the plan are really failing to see the bigger picture and are ignoring the benefits in favour of focusing on the negatives.

For example, if the plans were to go ahead we could be looking at getting a brand new civic square at the west end of the site. How can anyone be opposed to an investment that will not only enhance the look of our town, but provide a focal point to bring attention back into the centre rather than pushing shoppers out to the retail park?

If we could persuade the community to get on board with the plans we could see endless job opportunities, as well as additions to Bishopbriggs Cross, including the health centre and council offices.

All of this would really improve the feeling of community, making the council more visible to local people and giving them all the facilities they might need to use all in one place.

It is appealing that we could have a bigger and better food store on our doorstep.

I have heard those who are against the plans are complaining because they reckon there are already too many supermarkets in Bishopbriggs, despite the fact there’s actually only two main ones.

If the new store plans went ahead they would only be replacing one which is already there and effectively making it even better, how can people see this as a negative?

I understand people are worried about change, but really if we don’t support people who are willing to invest in our town centre, eventually there’ll be nothing left worth developing on. It’s vital people in this community decide to move forward together and help save our centre rather than deprive it.

Craig Smith,


(address supplied).