Life is just coming up roses in the park

The community prepares to party.The community prepares to party.
The community prepares to party.
A ROSE by any other name would still smell as sweet.

Or so Juliet thought. But over a Bellahouston Park they have just unveilled a 3.8m-high rose sculpture.

The Mackintosh-themed rose was skillfully carved by sculptor Robert Coia.

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The carving is sited outside the entrance to the grounds of House for an Art Lover and is fashioned out of five Mackintosh roses representing the traditional European species of Old English Garden Roses.

Other southside works by the gifted Coia include a life-sized elephant in Pollok Country Park and next on his agenda will be the carving of a giant panda for Queen’s Park, among other scluptures dotted in parks throughout Glasgow.

In his Bellahouston Park work he was helped by P5 pupils from Pirie Park primary school.

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