‘Like playing frogger with lives’

Eastwood MSP Ken Macintosh has condemned a busy junction in Newton Mearns as unsafe, calling on East Renfrewshire Council to install traffic lights.

The MSP spoke out in support of road safety campaigner Graham McClure, saying: “At peak times, when it’s dangerous for children in particular, existing measures at Barrhead Road are just not enough.”

Mr McClure, who has two children aged eight and 13, warned transport leaders against “playing

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The Newton Mearns man lives near the high volume stretch of road, and says he fears for the safety of his family and other road users.

He told the Extra: “I have family that cross at the bottom of the road, but my concern is for all pedestrians crossing.”

In correspondence with Mr Macintosh, ERC road and transport manager Charles Armstrong outlines a raft of safety measures already in place, including ‘refuge islands’ and road crossing patrollers.

Campaigner Graham dismisses these measures as “not good enough”, adding: “Has [Charles Armstrong] ever stood on one of these islands with a bus passing each way? It’s a frightening experience for an adult let alone a child.

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“Unless he plants crossing patrollers on the road 24/7, the road will never be a safe place.”

A council spokeswoman responded: “We aim to ensure our roads are as safe as they can be and we will continue to look at measures to improve pedestrian safety.

“We would urge all local people, drivers cyclists and pedestrians to exercise care at all times when using or crossing our roads.”

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