Litter louts leave parks strewn with rubbish

ANGRY residents have demanded a fresh clampdown on litterbugs after parks became dumping grounds for selfish sun-worshippers.

The recent heatwave saw packed parks and greenspace areas across the district.

But many people didn’t take their litter with them at the end of the day - leaving an unsightly mess.

Luggie Park, in Kirkintilloch, was one of the worst examples.

One resident told the Herald: “It’s completely disgusting. I just don’t know what these people are thinking of when they just throw their litter all over the place.

“There were even a couple of binbags which had been filled up with rubbish from a picnic and then just left in the middle of the park for foxes and birds to tear open.

“The council should really have somebody keeping an eye on things during sunny days - they’d certainly be able to make a bit of money from the number of fines they could issue.

David Devine, head of roads and neighbourhood services, said: “Throughout East Dunbartonshire litter picking is carried out more frequently in areas were an increased volume of visitors is anticipated.

“Luggie Park is a public area which sees an influx of people congregating during sunny weather and the council redirects resources to the park at these times.

“Whilst we increase litter picking frequency in parks and public areas during warmer weather we urge people taking advantage of these areas to bag any waste produced from having picnics and dispose of it in litter bins provided.”

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