Living Wage increase for council workers

SOUTH Lanarkshire Council is set to introduce a Living Wage of £7.56 per hour – which it claims will be the best rate in the country for low paid workers outside London.

The new minimum pay rate, up from £7.20, would mean a monthly wage increase for around half of the council’s 14,000 workers.

The Living Wage proposal is due to be discussed by councillors at a special Executive

Committee meeting on Thursday.

Council Leader Eddie McAvoy said: “If given the go ahead this will help all low paid employees struggling to make ends meet.

“Our workforce is vital in delivering frontline services to the people of South Lanarkshire.

“We are doing all we can to mitigate the effects of the financial hits our workforce have had to take in recent years.”

Within the council 7757 employees earn less than £21,000 - 78 per cent of them women.

Councillor McAvoy added: “The vast majority of the lower paid employees in the council are women and if we can give them this increase it will further reduce the gender pay gap.”