Local appeal for refugee crisis in Europe

A kind-hearted woman from Torrance has started an appeal to help refugees after seeing the shocking images of a young boy who had drowned while trying to flee the war in Syria.

Refugee climbs a fence in Calais
Refugee climbs a fence in Calais

The three-year-old boy died along with his five-year-old brother and mother while they were trying to reach Greece in a boat from Turkey, with the aim of getting to Canada to join a family member. They had fled Syria. Only the father survived.

They were just a few of the hundreds of thousands of refugees currently trying to make their way across Europe to escape war-torn countries.

Kelly Colquhoun (36) who is married to the owner of Solid Rock Cycle in Balmore Road, Torrance, near Milngavie, was so saddened by the loss of this young boy’s life, and so many others who are caught up in the humanitarian crisis, that she decided to help.

Kelly, who has a three-year-old son and eight-year old daughter, said: “After seeing the horrendous images of a child washed up on the shore I couldn’t stand by and just watch what’s happening without doing something.

“Seeing that wee boy just brought it home to me, I have children of my own and I can’t imagine being that desperate that you’d put yourself and wife and children in that position.

“It’s just to unbelievably sad and tragic.

“The support we’ve had for our appeal within the last 12 hours has been unbelievable, it makes me proud to come from Glasgow.

“We’ve had offers from people to take the items to Calais, but we’re hearing that they have enough donations now.

“We will perhaps try to get the supplies further south where they’re needed - more to places such as Budapest, mainland Greece and Kos.”

A Glasgow band was going to transport the donations as they are embarking on a European tour soon but there may be too much for them to take.

Kelly hopes to join with a charity to transport it or take up offers from people who have offered to take it by convoy in vans.

If you’d like to donate please drop items from the list at www.facebook.com/calaisaction into Solid Rock Cycles this Saturday (September 5) from 10am to 6pm.

Also, can you help to transport items further south? If so, Kelly would like to hear from you.