Local MSP’s concern over waiting times in Kilsyth

WORRIED and angry consituents have been inundating an MSP with complaints regarding Kilsyth Medical Partnership.

Mark Griffin, who is also a councillor for Kilsyth, says he has been told of many people who have called the practice being placed on hold for over an hour only to join a lengthy queue.

Constituents have also complained that the practice is not returning calls despite guaranteeing to do so, and that appointments are not being granted.

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The allegations come in the wake of a front page story in the Chronicle some weeks ago in which concerns were voiced regarding the departure of three GPs from the practice.

Now Mr Griffin and Councillor Jean Jones have secured an emergency meeting with the management of the practice to work towards a resolution.

The MSP said: “This is a deeply concerning issue and it just seems to be going from bad to worse. I have been inundated with complaints from local patients, desperate for appointments, who have to go without, or endure lengthy periods of time waiting on the phone, raking up big bills.

“This is an unacceptable situation and both Councillor Jean Jones and I will be meeting with the practice manager next week to discuss the problems.

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“I urge anyone who has concerns about the situation at the health centre to contact my office on 01236 423 555.”

Mr Griffin added: “This shows the need for a new health centre for Kilsyth. The people were promised this and it is about time NHS Lanarkshire and the Scottish Government took appropriate action, which is long overdue.”

A Kilsyth Medical Partnership spokesperson said: “We take all patient issues regarding the service we provide very seriously.

“In response to patient feedback and concerns raised by the Community Forum, we have reviewed our phone system and put in place a number of improvements. We are committed to continually reviewing and monitoring our telephone statistics to look at ways in which we can further improve the service.

“We are willing to work with the MSP and councillor and have been actively facilitating a meeting.”

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