Look out for older people in your area

People across Lanarkshire are being urged to listen to their instincts – to help older adults in their communities during the winter months.

The plea has been made by North and South Lanarkshire’s Adult Protection Committees who say speaking out about niggling concerns can often make a life-saving difference.

Kaye MacGregor, adult protection co-ordinator of North Lanarkshire’s Adult Protection Committee, added that overcoming any notions of ‘interfering’ is crucial.

She said: “If we saw a small child walking about a town main street alone, perhaps under dressed for the weather or upset, most of us wouldn’t have any hesitation in approaching the child to help or alerting the authorities.

“Quite rightly, as a society, we are very guarded and protective of our children. We’re looking to reinforce and encourage that same mindset in communities for those in our older generation who need some support.

“At various events we’ve staged, people have said they would intervene or contact the authorities, like police or social work, if they had concerns about an older person’s wellbeing.

“The thing that would hold them back, however, was the fear they’d be seen as ‘interfering’. However, we are encouraging people across Lanarkshire to listen to their instincts and set those fears aside. Speak out if you are concerned about someone.”

Kaye explained areas of concern could range from curtains that haven’t been opened to an older person who seems confused, upset or unprepared for the weather.

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