Make the school run safe for all

The new parking measures around schools in Newton Mearns have been met with mixed opinions amongst parents and residents.
Parking at Eastwood High SchoolParking at Eastwood High School
Parking at Eastwood High School

East Renfrewshire Council put in place the restrictions as schools returned from the summer break following inconsiderate and dangerous parking at school gates.

Five primary schools – Crookfur, St Cadoc’s, Calderwood Lodge, St Clare’s and Mearns Primary –and Eastwood High and Mearns Castle High all have new rules in place.

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Drivers that are found to be breaching parking restrictions around the schools will be issued with a parking ticket which consists of a £60 fine – this is reduced to £30 if paid with 14 days.

One parent who got in touch with The Extra found the measures made the school run a little bit easier.

He said: “Perhaps it was just early days and other motorists are now wary of the restrictions, but I did find dropping my daughter off at school easier after the holidays.

“Things seemed to run a little bit smoother than they had previously, and long may it continue.

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“I understand that kids need dropped off and sometimes quickly if their parents are working for example, but this needs to be done safely.

“Hopefully these measures will make sure that our children are safe around the school gates. All it takes is some consideration.

However, others haven’t noticed a difference and believe that the new restrictions are being ignored.

One said: “It will be fine for the first week or two and then it will just go back to the usual chaos. Things need to change and the council needs to make sure that these measures are fully enforced every single day.”

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Another resident added: “There are people who don’t have children and need to go about their day, but cars are parked on yellow lines and blocking traffic. Surely there are youngsters who can walk to and from school and don’t have to rely on lifts.

“It would make such a difference to everybody if people used their common sense and left the car behind if it really isn’t needed.”

An East Renfrewshire Council spokesman said: “The new parking measures at Newton Mearns schools were introduced to make it safer for pupils, parents and staff.

“Since the introduction of these measures, we have found that drivers have been very positive towards our Community Safety Officers and there is already a higher awareness of safer parking around schools, which we hope continues.

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“We would like to thank parents and guardians for working with us to make our school grounds safer for children and staff.”

Any complaints about parking tickets issued can be made by calling the Ring and Report Line on 0800 013 0076.

The line is open 7.30am until midnight, seven days a week.

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