Milngavie drug dealer jailed

A MILNGAVIE man has been jailed for five years for dealing drugs as a result of a special police operation.

Allan Ingram (32) was found guilty of driving dangerously while trying to escape being captured during Operation Odan which was carried out by the Scottish Crime and Drug Enforcement Agency (SCDEA).

Ingram and Peter Woods (53), from Liverpool, were arrested in March 2011 and charged with the supply of cocaine, MDMA tablets and Diazepam.

Woods, who absconded to Spain while on bail and was captured after a European Arrest Warrant was issued, was also caged for five years. Ingram has been disqualified from driving.

They were amongst seven drug dealers sentenced to a total of 21 years in prison as a result of three seperate operations carried out by the SCDEA.

Detective Chief Superintendant Athol Aitken, head of Investigations Group at the SCDEA, said: “With Operation Odan, our excellent relationships with our European Law Enforcement colleagues resulted in Woods being tracked down, arrested and returned from overseas showing there are truly no boundaries in halting the drugs trade in Scotland.

“The successful outcome of these investigations means we have disrupted the activities of a number of crime gangs and we have prevented their harmful drugs from ever reaching the streets.

“This should send a clear message to other criminals that law enforcement is determined to identify who they are and ensure they are brought to justice.

“Those involved in dealing drugs do not care about the impact on our communities caused by the fear and violence associated with the illagal drugs trade, or the health and social impact of drugs misuse. Drug dealers are only concerned about the significant profits they can generate from their criminal activities.

“I would encourage anyone who has information on drug dealing in their community to report it to their local police or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.”