Mobile app will give guide to EU

An app offering users a pocket guide to the European Union will be launched by a digitally-zavvy Scots MEP today.
Catherine Stihler MEPCatherine Stihler MEP
Catherine Stihler MEP

Catherine Stihler says the free app is a great way to communicate with everyone in Scotland as the EU and the work of the European Parliament becomes more topical.

A first of its kind in Scotland, the app features a blog, videos, links to social media and a mythbusters’ section aimed at combatting the EU scare stories which often hit the headlines in the UK.

Ms Stihler, Labour MEP for Scotland said: “One of my main areas of work is on the digital single market and digital skills. With more and more people using their mobile devices to access information, I thought an app would be a great way to communicate with my constituents.

“Covering the whole of Scotland means I can’t be everywhere at once. I always have an up-to-date website and social media, but through the app I can get more in depth information to people on EU issues in an easy to navigate format.

“The EU and the work of the European Parliament will also become an increasing point of conversation in the run up to the referendum and my app will provide people access to accurate information at their fingertips.”

The app, which Ms Stihler will launch at the Scottish Labour Conference in Perth today, is available from the Apple app store and Android’s Google play store by searching YES 2 EU.