More than 1000 turbines planned for Clydesdale

THERE are now plans pending to build over a THOUSAND wind turbines in the Clydesdale countryside, five times the number already in existence.

Information provided by South Lanarkshire Council shows the full extent of the current windfarm boom – mainly taking place in the Clydesdale area – with the number of the huge propellor-topped columns either built, granted planning permission or awaiting a permit coming to over 1020, according to our calculations.

Around two-thirds of that total are in windfarms of four or more turbines while there are nearly 350 further turbines built or being built in ones, twos and threes, dotted around the countryside.

The Gazette was prompted to check exactly what the Clydesdale windfarm score was following feedback from readers, many of whom felt that the area was being inundated with the clean power-producing giants.

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