Mosshead pre-school under threat

A Bearsden nursery is facing closure next month due to a reduction in numbers and crippling costs unless funds can be found to keep it open.

Mosshead Pre-School is under threat of closure.
Mosshead Pre-School is under threat of closure.

Mosshead Pre-School moved to Bearsden Ski Club after being given notice by East Dunbartonshire Council in March 2015 to vacate their premises at Mosshead Primary due to the school needing additional space.

It has, however, become increasingly difficult for the pre-school to cover running costs since moving to the Ski Club as rent has remained high, while the number of children has decreased from 40 to less than 20.

Manager Susan Miller said: “We have looked for other premises in the area, but there is nothing available.

“We are trying to develop as a forest garden kindergarten, the benefits of which are well known, but unfortunately we won’t be able to do this if we don’t have enough children.

“It all depends on the finances and if we can’t manage then we will only be able to keep going until June this year. If we can get a grant then maybe we can go for another year, but we can’t apply for anything till we know our future, so it is a catch-22 situation.

“It would be a great shame for another nursery in the area to go and we would welcome anyone that would like to sponsor us.”

In December last year Stuart Govan, a videographer and dad of four year old twin girls at the pre-school, created a promotional video showcasing their outdoor learning environment.

Stuart’s wife Jocelyn has since set up a crowdfunding page, which aims to raise £2,000.

She said: “My eldest also went to the pre-school and as a parent I just don’t want it to close. My children love it, they love their teachers and they love their group of friends.

“The way they teach them is incredible and they have the chance to go outside all the time, which has been great for their confidence.

“I can’t help but rave about it and I hope someone comes forward or we can get enough community spirit behind the cause to help get enough money to keep it going this year.”

East Dunbartonshire’s Chief Education Officer, Jacqui MacDonald, said: “We have been providing advice and support to the group and we continue to remain in discussion with the committee about their difficulties.”

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