MP derides Queen's speech for being 'business as usual'

Marion Fellows at the Speaker's receptionMarion Fellows at the Speaker's reception
Marion Fellows at the Speaker's reception
Motherwell and Wishaw MP Marion Fellows attended the Speaker's reception following the State Opening of Parliament.

During the formal opening, the Queen made her annual speech, written by Conservative MPs, which set the future agenda for the UK Government which included further cuts to public spending.

The SNP outlined its alternative Queen’s Speech which included an end to austerity and investments in public services; steps to modernise Parliament through electronic voting and the abolishment of the unelected House of Lords; and measures to protect key industries and jobs.

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Marion said: “It was an honour to be invited to the Speaker’s reception. John Bercow is well respected by all members of the House in his role as Speaker. Interestingly, he ran in 1987 for the Motherwell South constituency.

“However, less interesting was the Queen’s speech which showed business as usual from the Tories: sustained attacks on the poor and vulnerable and continued austerity which will result in more missed targets, further inequality and a strangled economy.

“Our alternative speech advocated an end to austerity to invest in our people and economy; a simplified tax system to close tax loopholes which benefit the superrich; justice for the WASPI pensioners who are being denied their pension rights; a comprehensive strategy for shipbuilding and energy to protect our essential industries and jobs; a nuclear consent bill which would require the approval of Holyrood for trident to remain on the Clyde; and the extensive powers for Scotland that were promised in the Vow.

“The SNP’s Alternative Queen’s Speech has equality, social justice and prosperity at its core and showed once again that the SNP are the main opposition to the Tories in Westminster.”