MSP welcomes plan for Kilsyth

MSP Jamie Hepburn has welcomed North Lanarkshire Council’s response to a report which singled out Kilsyth to highlight the issues facing small towns across Scotland.

The News and Chronicle previously reported on The Built Environment Forum Scotland (BEFS) report Small Towns in a Small Country which identifies some of the challenges facing places such as Kilsyth and provides a number of recommendations as to the steps which can be taken to ensure their future.

The report criticised Kilsyth for the lack of public toilets and facilities for the youth of the town.

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The impact of the Scottish Government’s Town Centre Regeneration Fund, however, was praised.

Mr Hepburn welcomed the council’s commitment to develop a Town Centre Framework and Action Plan which would set out their plans for managing the town centre over the next five to 10 years.

He said: “The report made for fascinating reading as it focussed on Kilsyth and highlighted a number of specific factors which are currently effecting Kilsyth town centre.

“That information presents us with an excellent opportunity to protect and further improve the unique town centre which exists in Kilsyth.

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“I was keen to learn what steps the council were taking to help make the recommendations of the report a reality.

“I am grateful for the council’s attention to these matters and look forward to working alongside them to ensure that a string and viable plan for Kilsyth town centre can be developed and successfully implemented.”