Museum reopens after £15,000 refit

Cumbernauld Museum has been given a new look thanks to a £15,000 refurbishment project.

The museum, part of Cumbernauld library in Allander Walk, was closed for five months to allow for refurbishment work to take place.

An official reopening was held on Wednesday, September 4, for invited guests and museum staff.

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Clare Weir, who is exhibitions development manager for Culture NL, said: “New displays include stories relating to the birth of the new town, local industry, sport and leisure, as well as the area’s rich archaeological heritage.

“A key exhibit relates to a recent discovery in the archives of the British library of a historically important letter written by Robert Bruce, King of Scots while he stayed in Kildrum, Cumbernauld. It was drafted in 1310 to the English King, Edward II.

“Also on display is a blanket woven in the 1880s by master weaver, William Smith from Smithyends and a gold locket presented to Alex Bryce in 1885 by his classmates for saving a child in the River Luggie.

“With new flooring, seating and open access to the space, the museum is now a welcoming and comfortable environment for the public to explore their local heritage”.

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A new flexible display system will also allow the local community to organise their own displays.

Lu McNair, community museums manager, explained said: “The redesigned museum is a wonderful opportunity for the local community to learn more about the history of the new town and its earlier story. The new community space will allow local groups to show off their talents and encourage others to discover the heritage of the area”.

The opening exhibition displays a range of artworks from the museum service’s Cumbernauld art collection,

For more on the community space, 01236 638352 or e-mail museums

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