Mystery trip for local Scout units

The 28th Giffnock Explorer Scout Unit joined up with the Warrior Explorer Scout Unit from Clarkston to venture to unknown lands.

The two units took part in the second mystery trip which saw the youngsters head to Amsterdam – something that they didn’t know until they arrived.

Told only to pack a bag and bring their passport, the units boarded a bus which took them to Newcastle then on to mainland Europe.

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Gordon Jack, Explorer Scout leader and organiser of the trip, said: “Our first trip was in 2016 to Copenhagen and it was a great success.

“This time the kids were trying to work out where we were going.

“We left little teasers but also false clues on Facebook so they didn’t know until the last minute where they were going – it adds to the fun – and they were still guessing when we were on our way.”

In Amsterdam the two units visited the Ajax stadium, took part in a private Hard Rock Cafe canal cruise, visited a theme park and took part in a scrap car smash – the latter proving a huge hit!

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Gordon continued: “At first, they were like ‘are we really doing this?’ but they soon got stuck in!

“I think it’s great for the young people to get involved in trips like this to show them that there is more to life than the hall they meet in every Tuesday night.

“It’s great to come together and have a great time.”