Narrow escape

A BUS driver and his passengers narrowly avoided serious injury last week when his coach skidded on black ice on Kildrum Road.

The X25 Stagecoach service to Glasgow was carrying around 15 passengers at 8.15 a.m. last Wednesday as it travelled between stops at Cumbernauld Town Centre and Cumbernauld High School.

Black ice had formed on Kildrum Road overnight, causing the coach to skid and smash into a tree before spinning around with its back end on the grass verge.

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The coach narrowly missed several people waiting at the bus stop.

All passengers on board were fortunately unharmed but it was reported that the driver had to receive minor medical attention.

Two ambulance crews and a police car arrived on the scene within minutes and immediately called for a gritter to come out and service the road.

Clive Sinclair (55), a resident of Castle Way, was a witness to the terrifying incident.

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He said: “My wife left for work at 7.20 in the morning and called me to say that the road was treacherous. The last gritter we saw came at around 9.30 the previous evening.

“When I went out to see what had happened, I could barely keep my feet on the road, that’s how bad it was.

“The bus was travelling down the hill from the Town Centre and lost

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